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Simulator Hire For
Private & Commercial Pilots

Flight Experience Perth understands that many pilots are suffering under the Covid-19 pandemic. To help you to regain and maintain your IF recency, we are offering sessions in our CAT B simulator for as little as $100 per hour, down from over $300 per hour!

Of course if you are not instrument rated, you can still enjoy the benefits of flying in a certified jet simulator.

Flight Experience Perth’s CAT B simulator is certified by CASA for MCC training and logging of instrument ground time and instrument approach recency as per CAO 40.2.1.

So, if you have your Private or Commercial licence, you can take advantage of this offer. See below for more information on the simulator sessions and how to book in.

1x 60 minute session - $150 (with an FSI)
Prepay 4x 60 min sessions - $100/hr (After check out)

Flight Simulator Instructor - +$50/hr
For Each Extra pilot - +$20/hr

Initially you will require an FSI present with you during your first session. (Or if you would like to engage in further training) You can divide the costs between participating pilots, and have up to three pilots present in the simulator at once. Once you are comfortable with the simulator, you can book in for as low as $100/hr.

We are in the process of setting up a self-booking portal, but until then you can call us on 08 922 88 737 or email

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