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What Is The JOC?

A Jet Orientation Course (JOC) gives students a step up to the multi-crew operations of a typical jet airliner from a General Aviation aircraft type.

You’ll learn what it takes to operate and fly a passenger airliner during the ground school and simulator sessions. The 3-day course (2 days if only one student) will give you the skills and knowledge to help pass your interview simulator assessment with your chosen airline.

The JOC is enhanced with a multi-crew cooperation course (MCC), which is a requirement for most airlines prior to selection.

Course Breakdown

Flight Experience’s course is delivered in either 2 or 3 days (depending on how many students participate) including a ground school day, then 2 simulator sessions of 4 hours.

Why Choose Flight Experience?

As the world leader in flight simulation entertainment, Flight Experience Perth is the perfect destination to learn the skills required for operating commercial aircraft. Our simulators are built to an extremely high standard, utilising only the latest technology in both hardware and software. Experience the same equipment used by flight schools, universities and airlines for commercial pilot training.

Look no further than Flight Experience Perth for your orientation course with commercial airliners – get in touch today to book your session!

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