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Virtual Reality Flight Simulator Experiences

Our latest addition is a pair of incredible military inspired, ejection seat style, Virtual Reality military jet simulators. Step into the world of military aviation and pilot a wide variety of aircraft through various challenges and locations. From the valleys of the Grand Canyon to the skyscrapers of New York City, experience flight from a whole new perspective.

You can choose between a 15 or 30 minute mission, with different challenges and aircraft being added regularly.

What’s Involved in a VR Military Mission?

Check In

As you enter the mission location, your qualified flight instructor greets you and asks if you have any past experience in flying or virtual reality (helps us to tailor your experience to you!)

Ejection Seat

Once we’ve shown you around the simulator, you’ll be seated and harnessed in – making the flying experience much more immersive.

Pre-Flight Briefing – Controls & Flight Plan

The pre-flight mission briefing brings you up to speed with the flight controls and gives you some basic flight skills. The instructor will explain basic manoeuvring techniques, as well as limitations when operating supersonic jets. Speed control and G-force management are crucial factors in these aircraft.

Take Off & Free Flight

You will be guided through the take off procedure with your instructor, who will get you acquainted with flight basics. Once you’re successfully in the air it’s time to familiarise yourself with your new military aircraft. Turn, climb, descend, or perform loops and barrel rolls – the jet and the sky are all yours!


Put the skills you’ve just learned to the test with your instructor’s in-flight challenges – such as high-speed manoeuvring through valleys or even landing your jet on an aircraft carrier!

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