Flight Experience Perth

This is as close as it gets to operating a full-size passenger airliner. Step inside Australia's
state-of-the-art flight simulator experience.

World class, award winning experiences

At Flight Experience, become the captain of a Boeing 737 or the pilot of an F/A-18. Then, with professional instruction and guidance, learn what it takes to operate the aircraft through take-offs, landings and everything in between.

Our experiences are designed from the ground up to give you an experience like no other: to give you a feel of exactly what it's like to fly, while staying safely on the ground.

No experienced required, perfect for any age and skill level*
Experiences are tailored to you to match your knowledge and interests. Whether just for fun, or something more serious.
Our simulators are real and used by actual commercial pilots for real-world training.

Our Boeing 737 simulators use genuine instrumentation and controls, and are so authentic they are recognised by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority for active commercial pilots to train in.

All of our instructors are certified, commercial pilots - so you will be learning from the professionals, who will tailor the lesson to your skills, level and knowledge. The experience is a one-to-one, pilot guided flight simulation, where you are the Captain, and the instructor is your co-pilot. We cater for kids starting age 10, and all the way through to 100!