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A Unique Experience

If you’re looking for a unique experience for your team, book your next event at Flight Experience Perth!

Our exclusive offering provides the perfect setting for small to medium sized groups of between three and fifteen guests. Flight Experience Perth offers an unforgettable experience for all guests and is the perfect choice for:

  • Team activities based in a flight deck
  • Team building through structured scenarios
  • Corporate entertainment

Types of Events

At Flight Experience, we have the facilities to host you and your team for a range of group events.

Benefits of Workplace Group Events

As human beings – we’re naturally hardwired to be social. Forming connections and interacting with your colleagues promotes collaboration and helps your workplace to run smoothly. Fostering positive relationships with the people you work with benefits you, your organisation and its future.

Workplace Social Events

Social events organised by employers allow the team to catch up in a relaxed atmosphere. Conversations don’t revolve around work; deadlines aren’t a worry and employees get a chance to have a normal chat. Some benefits of workplace social events are highlighted below:

Build Relationships – Workplace social events provide an opportunity to network and foster relationships with your co-workers. New connections are made in a relaxed environment where barriers between departments are broken down.

Increased Happiness & Productivity – Employee’s moods can be vastly improved through social events, leading to happier, less stressed staff. Happy and satisfied workers acquire less stress, which in turn leads to less mental strain, boosting productivity.

Develops Work Culture – Holding fun social events helps to attract new talent to your organisation, while keeping your existing staff motivated and ready to produce results for the company.

Improves Employee Experience – An organisation with a strong culture makes employees feel valued, which boosts morale and improves their experience with the company. Employees will feel their work is appreciated, making them more likely to stay longer in the organisation.

Why Choose Flight Experience

As the world leader in flight simulation entertainment, Flight Experience Perth is the perfect destination for your next team event. Our simulators are built to an extremely high standard, utilising only the latest technology in both hardware and software. Experience the same equipment used by flight schools, university and airlines for real-world commercial pilot training.

For your next unforgettable experience, look no further than Flight Experience Perth – get in touch today to book your session!

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Corporate entertainment can start from as small as a group 60 minute flight package – for up to 3 people.

For larger groups or tailored sessions with catering and refreshments please contact us today using this form.