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Sint Maarten, TNCM

Princess Juliana International Airport is located on the Dutch side of the Caribbean Island of Sint Maarten. It is one of the busiest airports in the region, servicing millions of passengers annually. Known for its unique approach, where planes fly only metres above Maho Beach where people gather to watch and take pictures.

Male, VRMM

Velana International Airport, previously known as Male International Airport, is the primary gateway to the Maldives. The airport is located on Hulhule Island, just a few minutes by boat to the capital of Male. The airport serves as a hub for several major airlines connecting the Maldives to destinations in Europe, Asia and the Middle East..

Svalbard, ENSB

Svalbard Airport is a smaller airport located on the island of Spitsbergen in the Arctic Archipelago of Svalbard. This airport is one of the northernmost airports in the world, located approximately 1,200 kilometres from the North Pole. Serving as a hub for air traffic in the region, including scientific research stations, mining sites and the Svalbard Global Seed Vault.

Toncontin, MHTG

Toncontin International Airport was the primary airport servicing international flights into Tegucigalpa, the capital city of Honduras until 2021. The airport is situated within a valley surrounded by mountainous terrain, making it one of the most challenging landings in the world. The airport is a critical hub for air travel in Honduras.

Hong Kong, VHHX

Kai Tak Airport was the former international airport serving Hong Kong. The airport was renowned for its challenging runway approach that required pilots to navigate through heavily urbanised and populated areas, requiring a 45-degree turn below 500 feet to land. In operation from 1925 to 1998, Kai Tak served as a hub for air travel in the Asia-Pacific region.

Narsarsuaq, BGBW

Narsarsuaq Airport is a small airport located in southern Greenland, serving the town of Narsarsuaq and surrounding areas. The airport’s location is extremely remote and it is often subject to challenging weather conditions due to its proximity to the Greenland Ice Sheet. Servicing scientific research stations, fishing communities and tourist attractions such as the nearby Narsaq museum.

Juneau, PAJN

Juneau International Airport is a small airport in Alaska situated on a narrow strip of land between the Gastineau Channel and the Mendenhall Wetlands. The airport’s location is subject to challenging weather conditions and terrain. Juneau airport serves as a hub for air travel in the surrounding area including remote communities, government agencies and tourist attractions.

Telluride, KTEX

Telluride Regional Airport is a small airport located in southwestern Colorado. The airport is in a remote location and due to its high elevation is subject to challenging weather conditions. The airport accommodates small regional planes and narrow-body jets. The nearby Telluride Ski Resort and surrounding area are serviced by Telluride Regional Airport.

Kathmandu, VNKT

Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport is the primary international airport serving the city of Kathmandu, Nepal. Situated in a valley surrounded by the Himalayas, the airport is subject to challenging weather conditions and terrain. As the country’s main international airport, it connects Nepal to over 40 destinations in 17 countries.

Paro, VQPR

Paro International Airport is the only international airport in Bhutan and is located in the Paro Valley at over 2,200 metres of elevation. The airport is surrounded by mountainous terrain featuring many high peaks, making it one of the most challenging and dangerous airports globally. Tourist destinations such as the Paro Valley and Tiger’s Nest monastery are served by Paro International.

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