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July 13, 2023 6 min read

Team building is an effective strategy that can be utilised to help employees work more effectively together.

What Is Team Building?

Team building is a process that involves enhancing the connection between members of a group in order to help them accomplish shared goals more efficiently. Team building is a management technique that often involves activities or events that occur outside of a typical work day. Team building events aid employees to learn about their colleagues and develop skills that will enable them to work and interact effectively.

Why Is Team Building Important?

Team building is important for any organisation, regardless of size or industry. Research shows that increased employee engagement can lead to enhanced collaboration, communication, morale, motivation and camaraderie between employees.

A survey conducted with over 200,000 employees uncovered that respect between colleagues is the main reason why employees strive for better results. Team building can aid in building respect as genuine connections are developed between employees.

Over the last few years, the rise in remote work puts organisations at risk of having employees that are disconnected and disengaged. Although working from home can be comfortable, remote workers are susceptible to feeling excluded and disconnected due to the lack of face-to-face interaction.

Team building exercises provide an opportunity for employees to connect and learn about each other’s working styles, strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, problem-solving methods and thought processes in a low stakes environment. Having a greater understanding of colleagues aids in contributing to the overall success of the team.

Types of Team Building Methods

Team building activities can be classified into various different types, with each having its own benefits. Selecting a team building technique that is suitable for your team, aids in fostering collaboration and friendship.

Activity-Based Team Building

Activity based team building allows employees to get to know each other better and gives them a break from a regular working schedule. This technique provides an engaging way of putting employees through a series of mental or physical challenges, promoting harmonious collaboration. Activity based team building helps to break the ice between employees, improves connection and builds a sense of togetherness among colleagues.

Communication-Based Team Building

Clear communication is one of the most crucial aspects of a well-functioning team. Effectively communicating with one another is essential for any team building activity to be successful. Communication based team building is perfect for building rapport and relationships between team members, as well as aiding in eliminating awkwardness.

Skills-Based Team Building

A key aspect of team building activities is to allow all members of the team to learn and improve their skills in a fun manner. This allows the group to become positively reinforced towards work and collaboration. Games are an excellent way of teaching new skills to employees while also assisting them to learn from one another. Fun activities foster creativity and innovation, as well as making teamwork more enjoyable as the team works together toward a common goal.

Problem Solving-Based Team Building

For organisations who need to build trust within the team and improve internal communication, problem-solving based team building is ideal. With this approach, participants learn how to work together towards a common goal, identifying and resolving conflicts before escalation, while sharing their ideas and challenges with their colleagues. There are many activities that can be implemented including brain teasers and brain storming.

Personality-Based Team Building

People are inherently different, for a team to work effectively, each members personality must come to a consensus. Managers can ensure this by gaining an understanding of each employees needs and assigning or dividing them based on their personalities and capabilities. By understanding each employee, managers can better manage interactions and set boundaries when required. There are plenty of team-building activities, from creative to competitive – however finding an activity that matches the personalities of the workforce is vital. These activities allow members to connect and prevent problems.

The Benefits of Team Building

Team building exercises offer a wide range of benefits to all organisations who implement them for their staff. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

Create Friendships

When working within organisations, particularly larger ones, employees are often not in regular contact with all members of the team. Team building activities are a terrific opportunity for the team to mingle between departments. These activities also serve as a great way for employees to meet new colleagues.

Build Company Culture

One of the main benefits of team building is that it aids in boosting company culture. When management devote resources to team bonding experiences, employees can see the type of environment that is being created. By completing fun activities together, employees will feel like they are valued and that cultivating positive internal relationships is a priority in the workplace. Establishing an organisation with strong culture aids in attracting talent and increases retention of employees.

Increase Cooperation

The most effective team building exercises require employees to work collaboratively to accomplish a common goal. While cooperation is vital for the efficient functioning of a team, it may require some practice. Team building activities are a perfect opportunity to collaborate and learn the most effective workflow of the team.

Cooperation is particularly crucial when attempting one of Flight Experience Perth’s Boeing 737 Simulator Challenges. Work together to successfully pilot our replica airliner throughout a range of picturesque global locations.

Enhance Internal Communication

Differences in preferred communication style often means that teams need to practice their internal communications. A great way to naturally strengthen communication is through team building exercises that require co-workers to work together. Some studies suggest that an improvement of 50% can be realised through these activities.

Maintaining strong and consistent communication is crucial within the aviation industry, both on the ground and in the air. Successful pilots need to be able to communicate with their co-pilots, cabin crew and staff in the airport control towers.

Improve Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution

Team building activities are a great opportunity for staff to develop conflict resolution and problem-solving skills. Conflict resolution and problem-solving skills are highly valuable in the workplace as team members need to successfully resolve disagreements to work efficiently together.

In case of emergency, pilots must be able to identify and rectify issues in an efficient manner. This is vital to keeping everyone aboard the aircraft as safe as possible. To put your team through their paces, book a session on our Flight Simulator Challenges!

Increase Productivity

Productivity of a team can be enhanced through team building activities that encourage members to work together to reach objectives. When a team feels highly connected, they are more likely to apply their best efforts to their work. This can also help to eliminate duplicated work due to improved communication between co-workers, providing updates about their progress.

Encourage Creativity

Separating teams from their normal working environment can assist in viewing common situations differently and more creatively. Discussing creative ideas with coworkers can provide employees with a fresh perspective on how to approach these situations in their working days. This helps teams solve problems more effectively and collaboratively.

Identifying Leaders

Team building activities are a perfect environment to identify employees with leadership qualities. Managers can take notes on what they notice, for example certain team members that encourage their colleagues. This can provide helpful insights into an employee’s personality that they may not have revealed in a normal work setting.

Leadership is one of the most crucial qualities for pilots and aviation professionals. Having a controlled cockpit environment is crucial for a successful flight – put your team to the test on our simulators and you might uncover a leader you didn’t expect.

Promote Employee Health

Team building can benefit employees by promoting positive mental and physical health. Team building events require teams to engage and solve problems with each other, outside of the office.

This generally requires employees to complete tasks that differ from their typical duties in the workplace – such as participating in physical challenges or themed trivia.

Boost Motivation

The creation of a positive work environment through team building activities encourages teams to work more diligently. Motivating employees aids in encouraging them to seek success in their professions, leading to a more productive workforce. Organisations can implement team building activities to show their appreciation for their employees and reinforce their commitment to the mission of the company.

Potential Challenges Associated With Team Building

While the benefits of team building exercises are great for building cohesion, there is always the potential for adverse outcomes. Team building activities for some employees can feel frustrating and overwhelming. Some potential pitfalls of team building include:

  • It can be hard to measure the outcomes of team building activities
  • Engagement from employees can be inconsistent
  • Staff may feel pressured to participate
  • Activities can be time-consuming
  • Can carry a high financial cost

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