Why You Should Undergo MCC Training | Flight Experience Perth

October 17, 2023 2 min read

Flight Experience Perth, in partnership with Aviation Australia, provide the best solution for MCC training in Australia.

What Is MCC Training?

Multi-crew cooperation training, or MCC training for short, is a course for pilots seeking to operate in a multi-crew aircraft. This training ensures that both the pilot-in-command and co-pilot can operate the aircraft collaboratively and effectively. You can expect to gain crucial team skills which are required to work effectively on a modern-day flight deck.

MCC training includes both scenario-based and line-oriented exercises which have been formulated to allow for the development of necessary skills. You will be able to practice leadership and supporting roles in a range of different situations to prepare you for life as a pilot.

The experienced instructors at Flight Experience Perth will adjust the training based on your experience and background, ensuring you get the most out of the training. All training is conducted in a high-fidelity flight simulator training device based on a Boeing 737NG, including a modern glass cockpit.

Our MCC training is approved under Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Part 142 and graduates will receive a formal Certificate of Completion, as well as logbook endorsement of competence.

What Are The Entry Requirements?

To be eligible to undertake MCC Training with Flight Experience Perth, candidates must:

  • Hold or have held a Commercial Pilot’s Licence (CPL) and Instrument Rating (IR)
  • Have completed the Air Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) Human Factors Theory Exam*

*An equivalence exam is available, contact our team for more information.

Benefits of Completing MCC Training

Undertaking MCC training is a vital step in the career path of a professional pilot offering a range of benefits, including:

Enhance Employment Prospects

Multi-Crew Cooperation training can help you to stand out from the rest when looking for employment in a highly competitive industry.

Show Prospective Employers You’re Serious About An Airline Career

As a professional pilot, you have already invested in comprehensive training to date – don’t miss an important step in the process.

MCC Is Not Just A Qualification

Your experience throughout the training course will see you explore advanced practical human factors in both regular and emergency situations. Operating a twin-engine aircraft based on a Boeing 737NG in both flying and monitoring roles will take your professional skills to a new level.

Impress In Your Airline Interview

Gain invaluable skills and knowledge from the MCC course that will hold you in good stead during airline interviews and simulator assessments. Your knowledge of the operations of a twin-engine aircraft and proven performance will aid in increasing confidence and your overall performance.

You Need An MCC To Qualify For Your ATPL

Regulations from CASA state that you must have your MCC qualification to gain your ATPL license, highlighting the importance of completing this training.

Why Choose Flight Experience Perth? 

At Flight Experience Perth, we utilise world leading Boeing 737 simulators, with authentic instrumentation and controls to conduct all training courses. Our instructors are certified commercial pilots, who are able to tailor sessions to suit your skill level.

In partnership with Aviation Australia, Flight Experience Perth is Australia’s leading solution for MCC training. Fill in the form below to enquire about gaining your qualification today!